Happy 3rd birthday: beautiful images for congratulations

This page contains images with the inscription: “Happy Birthday 3”, with which you can congratulate the birthday person or company.

Big number 3
Number 3, boy, dog, festive background
Birthday cake with number 3 in the form of a candle
Number 3 and gnomes
Cake with number 3 in the form of a candle
Children’s picture for congratulations on three years
Images with threesomes and sweets

These vibrant designs are ideal for:

  • Third birthdays: Make a child’s third birthday unforgettable with our adorable illustrations featuring balloons, cake, and playful fonts.
  • Company anniversaries: Commemorate your company’s 3rd year with a celebratory image that reflects your brand’s personality.

Browse our selection and find the perfect image to add a touch of cheer to your greeting card, party invitation, or social media post.